was established in 1992 in Varna, Bulgaria with main activity shipbuilding and ship repair.

The Company works with Bulgarian specialists in shipbuilding and ship repair as a subcontractor to respectable shipbuilding yards.

ULA performs all kinds of shipbuilding and ship repair works but primarily to ships’s hull i.e. mounting and welding, blasting and painting, pipelines, insulation and ventilation. We also carry out repair works on ship machinery and ship electrical systems and equipment.

Our company has more than 27 years of experience as a subcontractor and we are perfectly familiar with the shipyard’s requirements to their subcontractors to follow the best shipbuilding practice in connection with the:

  • Technical documentation;
  • Quality standards and submission procedures to Classification societies and clients;
  • Safe working practices;
  • Keeping deadlines and working time appropriate to the production needs;
  • Administrative and tax requirements.

We have more than 400 experienced employees that have proved their skills in our long service. The employees have all required international certificates. We provide specialized teams for different types of work. The teams work under the supervision of foremen and shipbuilding engineers having long practical experience and good command of English.

The goal of our company is a long term business cooperation with shipyards. Our long experience as a subcontractor gives us the advantage of having good knowledge and complying with local conditions and requirements, as well as achieving a reasonable price for the performance of our works.