has more than 400 specialists workers from the main shipbuilding professions:


  • Hull fitters – manufacturing and repairing the ship’s hull. Making and mounting any kind of steel structures;

  • Welders – welding any steel structures by means of all possible methods. The welders have certificates issued by Classification societies Lloyd, Det Norske Veritas, Germanicher Lloyd etc. The ULA company holds a certificate for welding operations issued by Germanicher Lloyd, we can also acquire a certificate from another authority, if needed.

  • Blasters and painters – blasting and painting of any structures using common methods. We have a long professional experience with respectful companies such as Intemational, Sigma, Hempel etc.

  • Pipers – making and mounting ship’s pipelines – for fuel, sea water, sewage, venting, sounding, cargo heating, hydraulic etc. Making and mounting any other kind of piping.
  • Ventilation and insulation workers and technicians – installation of vent ducts and insulation, mounting and repairing of air conditioning systems.

  • Engineers – mounting and repairing of ship’s machinery and equipment –

    engines, generations, pumps, lifting gear.

  • Electrical engineers and technicians – mounting and repairing of electrical systems and equipment.

ULA is ready to engage other specialists the required professions.